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Smith Medical's Cozmo Insulin Pump

Advisory for Cozmo Insulin Pump users

If you encounter problems using your Cozmo pump with CozManager and you are running Windows Vista or later vesions of Windows, please upgrade your CozManager software to CozManager 2.0 version. For more detials about CozManager 2.0, please proceed to Smiths Medical website - http://www.cozmore.com/about-cozmanager/, or contact Smiths Medical for further information.

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  FAQ1 Connecting the Cosmo pump with infrared
  FAQ2 How can I tell if the IFSYS-8003 adapter is installed and working properly
  FAQ3 Installing & using IFSYS-8003 on PCs with Windows Vista operating system
  FAQ4 Installing & using IFSYS-8003 on PCs with x64 Windows XP operating system



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